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Mobile Skids

for sterile processing

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Mobile Skids Offer Mobility & Flexibility

Our mobile skids are designed to be compact, flexible and mobile. Designed specifically for your mixing and blending process, they are also very cost effective solutions.

The Mobile Advantage

Our compact and portable mobile skids come loaded with advantages like;

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Portable and compact
  • Heating / Cooling options
  • CIP / SIP / DIP options
  • Full / Semi automated operation
  • Capacity : 5 - 500 Litres

3 Great Reasons To Adopt

Compact & mobile

Ideal for low capacities and where portability and compactness is required

Easy installation

Designed for easy installation, comes ready with all interconnection, pre-wired and pre-tested

Cost effective

Though cost-effective, comes with full automation and all mandatory sanitary features

Key Applications

Sterile Solutions

Human Insulin


SVP Solutions


IV Fluids


Plasma Fractions

Bacteria & Cell Cultures


Fully automated

Fully automated, PLC controlled with touch screen HMI with user friendly interface. Software compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP 5 specifications

Fully qualified

System is delivered with full documentation and validation with all documents to support DQ, IQ, OQ

Monitoring & Control

The system is engineered with world class instruments to monitor and control critical parameters like volume, Temperature, Pressure, DO, Conductivity, pH etc.

Homogeneous mixing

Designed with high shear magnetic mixers for high viscosity emulsions and suspensions application

Mobile skids provide portability, convenience, cost-effectiveness with uncompromised quality