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Ointment & Cream

Fully contained processing system

The best combination of vessel and agitation system that is fully contained to deliver consistent product quality, faster

Ointment & Cream Processing Systems

Our leadership in this field has been well established over the last 40  years.  Our processing systems are not only engineered for efficiency and speed, but also with increased focus on hygiene and safety. The design also focuses on reduced energy consumption as a result of  increased mixing efficiency.

The Adam Fabriwerk Advantage

Our systems are designed for optimization of key resources and designed with features that include;

  • Fully contained processing system
  • Flexible process parameters setting
  • Batch size flexibility
  • In-situ CIP / SIP options
  • Full / Semi automated operation
  • Capacity : 5 - 20,000 Kgs

Key Features Include

  • Heating / cooling and insulated jackets with temperature control and safety equipment
  • Variable shear force adjustment
  • Semi Contra Rotary agitator with open slot scraper design
  • Process piping with transfer panel design for automated plants
  • Separate pre-mix vessels for wax and water phase

Key Applications

Cold Creams







Hydraulic Lifting

Hydraulic lifting on manufacturing vessel top dish to facilitate product recovery, easier and faster

Short Cycle Recirculation

Short cycle recirculation feature can accommodate smaller batch sizes along with the bigger ones

Precise Temperature Control

High end automation ensures precise temperature control for product consistency in every batch

Fully automated and compliant

Fully automated, with highly intuitive software, in compliance to 21 CFR Part 11 & GAMP 5 standards

Systems designed to maximize yield, reduce mixing times and deliver stable emulsions, creams and ointments