Cream & Ointment Processing Systems

Designed for the Process With long experience at the leading edge of vacuum processing, Adam Fabriwerk has developed a system which addresses the fundamental requirements of the served markets, including.

  • Flexible process parameters setting
  • Variable shear force adjustment
  • Easy to upgrade to reflect the latest processing trends
  • The principal applications for the system are in the pharmaceutical and premium cosmetics sectors.

  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Gels
  • Ointments
  • Biotech products
  • Cold creams
  • Emulsions
  • Lotions
  • Gels
  • Mascara make-up
  • Shampoo
  • Toothpaste

Capacity: 5 to 10000 kgs

The easy-to-use Mixer control package can incorporate process parameters storage for simple and fast set-up.

  • Heating / cooling and insulated jackets complete with temperature control and safety equipment
  • Semi Contra Rotary agitator with open slot scraper design
  • Short loop product Re-Circulation for smaller batch sizes
  • Hydraulic lifting on manufacturing vessel top dish to facilitate product recovery
  • Separate pre-mix vessels for wax and water phase
  • Process piping with transfer panel design for automated plants
  • Cleaning In Place cycles with validation protocols

Vessel Design

Extensive research & development has produced the best combination of vessel and agitation system, offering high productivity, quality and yield.

  • Low relative batch size
  • Conical design and proven geometric ratios ensure optimum Product flow
  • All surface angled to ensure ease of cleaning
  • Reliable for CIP and SIP operations

Integrated Vacuum System

  • Fully controllable to permit variation of vacuum levels according to the process phase
  • Operators on demand for environmentally friendly and low cost Operation
  • Vacuum line can be fully flushed for sanitation purposes
  • Reliable for CIP and SIP operations

User Friendly Interface

The easy-to-use Mixer control package can incorporate process parameters storage for simple and fast set-up.

  • PLC-based, with Touch Screen MMI and SCADA Packages
  • Choice of packages to suit application requirements
  • Flexible Configuration

Processing Options

A comprehensive range of additional features can be provided to increase the flexibility of the Mixer. Each option is supplied fully integrated into the control system of the unit with appropriate safety features.

Modular Construction

The design of the Mixer enables users to tailor the installation to their requirements. Units can operate on a standalone basis or as part of an integrated system. The core components of every Mixer are:

  • Process vessel with a choice of agitation systems
  • Vertically, bottom mounted high shear head
  • Internal and external High Shearing
  • Vacuum generation and control
  • User-friendly interface

High Efficiency High Shear Head

The hearts of the Mixer is the vertically mounted, bottom high shear head, which introduced shear, drives product flow and discharges the completed batch.

  • Aseptic construction
  • Variable shear force adjustment
  • No additional pump required for discharge and cleaning


capacity 5 to 10000 kgs

Key Benefits
  • Highly efficient processing with significantly reduced batch times and operating costs
  • Pre-stored process parameters give high batch-to-batch consistency
  • End products are stable, glossy and air-free with a consistent specific weight for improved filling performance downstream
  • Flexibility: one machine with the capability to manufacture a wide range of products

Capacity: Processing Batch sizes from 5 kgs to 20000 kgs