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Super Skids

for sterile processing

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Superskids- the future of plants

Super skids are fully integrated plant assembled and tested at our facility and shipped in assembled condition to your facility.

Reduce your project turnaround time drastically

Superskids drastically reduces your project ' Turn Around Time', including the time for system validation. Our spacious manufacturing facility allows us to build fully integrated very large sized systems, the 'Super skids' are shipped directly to the project site and installed as fully integrated plant.

  • Capacity : 5 - 30,000 Litres

Why Superskids?

Ship as single unit

When the plant is shipped in assembled condition to your facility, a lot of site activity and time is reduced.

Modular Construction

Modular construction enables you to scale your production easily without breaking the integrity of the existing plant.

Fully tested

Convert the FAT easily to SAT and reduce the installation, commissioning and qualification time drastically.

Key Applications

Sterile Solutions

Human Insulin


SVP Solutions


IV Fluids


Plasma Fractions

Bacteria & Cell Cultures


Ship integrated plant

Eliminate installation and Commissioning time and effort at the site. Factory integrated means better workmanship and quality

Fully modular

This means ease of scaling. You can start with lower capacity and scale up easily when your product demand goes up

Magnetic Mixers

Bottom mounted magnetic mixers with options for low / medium / high shear applications

Monitoring & Control

The system is engineered with world class instruments to monitor and control critical parameters like volume, Temperature, Pressure, DO, Conductivity, pH etc.

Reap the rewards for setting up a validated production facility in a very short time with SUPER SKIDS